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About Us

What Defines Us

Everlasting Technology provides sustainable energy solutions for off-grid rural households in Africa. We offer affordable and eco-friendly technology, including our Ecostove powered by renewable energy sources. Our mission is to empower communities, promote economic growth, and improve livelihoods.


We innovate to meet market needs with research-based solutions. Our cutting-edge products and services make a difference.


We design sustainable systems to track and reward customers for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. By promoting decarbonization, we empower individuals to combat climate change and create a green future.

Giving Back

Our products support the environment and have a positive social impact. We give back to our communities and strive for a more equitable society.

Our Vision and Mission

Everlasting Technology's Journey Towards Sustainable Innovation

We provide sustainable solutions to overcome barriers to accessing clean and efficient technologies.

Sustainable Cooking Solutions

We have piloted sustainable cooking solutions in different places, gathering evidence on usage, finances, technology, and social impact. By collaborating with locals and support services, we build a sustainable cooking ecosystem and boost rural livelihoods.

Empowering Positive Change

At Everlasting Technology, we use sustainable technology to create positive changes and build a better future. Our innovative solutions benefit communities by promoting renewable energy and economic growth.

Progress and Climate Resilience

We provide clean, affordable, and efficient technologies to households, supporting SDG 7 and SDG 13 by combating climate change, reducing emissions, and improving community health.

Meet Our Expert

Teams divide tasks and receive success.

Macdonald Chirara

CEO & Co-Founder

Carter Steinberg


Honorine Kwizera


Harshitha Talisia


Tanaka Chirara

Technician Officer

Macdonald Chirara
(Founder & CEO)

Macdonald established the start-up and recruited the other team members. He has years of experience working in renewable energy research and has received several awards, such as the Yale Science and Engineering Award and the Arizona State University Rob and Melani Walton Sustainability Award. His research and development ensures effective models are used to satisfy market needs better.

Harshitha Talasila
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Harshitha sets goals, implements strategies, identifies business opportunities, and arranges meetings. She gained skills in communication and organization through working with the historical society.

Nishelle Phansalkar-Michalik
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Nishelle manages the financial operations of the startup, updating the financial model, raising seed funding, and improving its financial standings. She gained analytical skills from her previous internship at UFC in finance and accounting.

Carter Steinberg
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Carter is the startup's CMO. He leads marketing initiatives, oversees advertising projects, brand development, market research, pricing decisions, customer satisfaction, and investor pitch deck. He gained experience supporting advertising campaigns, social media, and fundraising activities through internships at Feed The Fridge and other firms.